Saturday, June 18, 2011

Calendar Linky Party

As you may have read, I am VERY new to educational blogs (I've only been visiting them for a week or two now), and I was doing some blog stalking (a new term for me!) when I saw that Mrs A. at Oceans of First Grade Fun  is having a 'Link Party' on the topic of Calendar board vs. Promethean board. I love the idea of using the IWB (interactive whiteboard is what we call them) for calendar - only problem is I don't have time to make a template myself and the one's I've looked for are for SmartBoards - and we use a program called EasiTeach.

I really like the idea of using a Promethean Board but there are a few cons such as my students often use the calendar for spelling of words such as days or months and I'll still need to have a place for these even if I do replace the Calendar Board. On the plus side, it'll be one board free. I only have two small pin boards in my demountable, so I find it extremely difficult to find a place for it.

I say, bring on the Promethean board!


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