Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FREEBIE - Autumn/Fall Making Words

As you may have read, I've been really busy getting prepared for a teaching audit that I was volunteered for at my school. Lucky me was the first teacher to be interviewed today and it went GREAT! What a lovely lady and she seemed really pleased with what I am and we are doing at my school. 

On the other hand, both TpT and Teachers Notebook do NOT like me one bit! I've been trying for about two weeks now to upload some Autumn/Fall themed literacy activities and they just won't upload! I've even tried splitting the centers up into individual files and uploading them separately and they still won't load! GRRRRR!!!! I've really had enough of it honestly because there is nothing wrong with the file to stop it from working. Annoys the heck out of me. I've emailed them again so we'll see. I'm just annoyed that I spent AGES tonight separating them into individual files, making new covers etc and they still wont' load. Ok, that's enough negativity for one night!

So, here's a freebie anyway. It's 3 making words activities that have 3 sheets for the kiddos and big letters for a pocket chart.

Click the pictures above to download.

EDIT: Silly me forgot that I made this using Scrappin Doodle graphics. I've taken everything else down that was free with their graphics and then went ahead and added this. I feel like a goofball! It's taken down for the meantime!

Also, I had a comment from an Aussie teacher who has trouble ordering from Amazon. In light of this, I will give the winner of my giveaway a choice of a $20 Amazon or $20 TpT gift card. No-one has blogged about it yet, so please do so if you have a blog!



  1. I don't know if you're aware or not, but Scrappin' Doodles no longer allows you to use their graphics for freebies on blogs unless you purchase the special license. I just wanted you to be aware so that you don't have issues because many have had to remove their printabes (or buy the license).

  2. Hi, yes thank you, I have just recently found out and have been going through and taking things off TpT, Teachers Notebook and my blog. A very big job since I use Scrappin Doodle graphics for almost everything, particularly my freebies! I think I've taken them all off now though...


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