Friday, November 16, 2012

Used and Love - Calendar Discovery

An excursion (field trip), meetings, discos and reports have kept me so busy this week that I forgot to finish this post about a great product I have used this year. It's called Calendar Discovery by Alison over at Teaching Maths with Meaning

This pack comes with a calendar and questions worksheet for each month of the year (from August 2012 to July 2013), but they will be updated again next year! Even though I don't usually do many worksheets for math, this is one that I pull out at the start of each month. The kids get reinforcement each month in identifying days on the calendar, counting forwards and backwards, working out the last day of the previous month or the first day in the next month (my kids used to always get stuck on the last two!). 

I like to put this in my Independent Work or Essential Revision math rotations each month (along with some other activities, because most kids have gotten so good at it).

I've just seen that Alison as this pack reduced right now so you can pick it up for only $2.

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