Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sale Purchases!

Sorry for the longest absence I've had on here yet - over 2 weeks - WOWZAS! And I've felt it too - time sure does drag on when day and night morph into one sleepy haze.

I have been very busy with my new group of firsties! Despite my initial worries and reluctance, I've found Grade 1 to be quite a good fit for me (but that could be because I have such a great little group!).

I haven't posted since the big TpT sale so I thought I'd show you some of my great buys! 

I'm into my third week of using Jen Jones and Katherine Zotovich's (from Hello Two Peas in a Pod) Phonological Awareness Curriculum. I think I have all the sets they've put out so far. It is so easy to implement and the kids enjoy it too.
I spent most of my money on cute clip art, borders and frames. I'm loving these packs from: 
I also bought a few cute things from Mel at Graphics from the Pond and From the Pond . Super cute!
I totally rearranged my room after 2 weeks of school - I found that it just wasn't working. I don't think it looks as good now, but it is much more functional. I'll be back soon with some pics.


  1. The first few weeks of the year are crazy aren't they?! I feel like I've barely gotten anything done... I always over estimated what we'll get through in a day!

    I think I need another TpT sale after seeing what you bought.... I can see quite a few things that I'd like too :) we're looking at nursery rhymes now- the puzzles would be perfect!

    Jess :)

    Early Years Fun

    1. The puzzles are super cute, definitely recommend them! I'd love to know how she cuts up the images like that, Mel sure is talented! I have the same problem as you. Each day I'm moving things that I haven't gotten done to the next day, I guess over estimating is better than not having enough to do but it sure does seem like we don't get through enough! Hope the craziness is settling down for you!


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