Wednesday, July 13, 2011

HELP! I really dislike my blog settings

Arrgghhh, this is really starting to bug me. About a week ago my blog started showing only 1 to 3 posts on the main page! I have my settings set to 10 posts, but no, only 1-3. It really makes my blog look empty.... very bad since I'm really new to the blogging world and trying to build up my followers! If you know how to fix this can you please comment?!

OK, I did some reading on the net and there's that pagination thing that happened quite a while a go now. So I've made the image files smaller and a few more posts are showing up on the main page... but still, one or two images were all that was on each page, can't see why that was a big deal.... but anyway, hopefully I'll continue to at least have a few posts on the main page.


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