Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A little bit of this and that

Wow, what a busy few weeks we've had coming back to school. After joining the blogging world right before our two weeks Winter holidays, I've gone back to school with heaps of new ideas for changes I want to make to my class.

One thing I've done is make a chart paper holder under my interactive whiteboard. I used two G-clips and a wooden rod. I saw this somewhere on the web so if it was you let me know and I'll give credit.
I LOVE it - the paper is so easy to grab now whenever we need it!

Here's part of my new Daily 2 board - see my previous post about why I can't do the Daily 5. Up the top I've put the days of the week and along the left side the group names. Because I can only do certain activities, I've stipulated what students do each day rather than letting them choose. I still have to separate the days somehow but it's working for now.
Here's a pocket chart I've used to hold activities, games etc for each of the activities.
To hold each groups activities, I've used the same images on these labels and written each group's label in their colour. Here you can see the Blue groups Writing Skills activity and beneath it, the Green Groups.
I use 3 pockets for each group for WAR (Write About Reading instead of Work on Writing), WW (Word Work) and WS (Writing Skills). I pop in the games, instructions, activity, response or whatever they are doing in their pocket and best of all, they can put it all away!
Here's a simple art activity that we did last week. We sponged some paper and let it dry while we used pastels or crayons to draw ourselves and an umbrella. We cut these out and glued them on the dried sponged paper and cut out some blue paper and silver card to stick on as raindrops.

While you're blog-hopping about, be sure to check out Me and My Gang - a blog for Grade 2 teachers! Yeah!!


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