Friday, August 26, 2011

Teaching Audit - eeekk!

What a week it's been. It has been a really challenge to get on here and post or even to comment on the awesome posts that other bloggers are sharing. I'm off sick at the moment after feeling icky and tired all week and I NEVER have sick days! I hate being sick...

I've also been busy making sure all of my stuff is in order since I was asked by my administration to be visited by our districts auditor. Eeekk!! I'm very nervous since our school is given a rating under set criteria based on what the auditor sees when she visits. So because I have no idea what she will ask to look at, I've been gathering and checking (just to be sure that everything is perfect) all of my planning, checklists, assessment, other data, that I've documented how I've differentiated every little thing etc etc..... All has been ok except for the differentiation - there's so many ways we as teachers just do things on the fly based on what is going on during our lessons... for me, that doesn't make it into my planning. My school provides us with a planning document and on there we need to record how we have differentiated every lesson for every subject. It takes so long that it sometimes doesn't get done as thoroughly as it should. So you can guess what my weekend is going to be spent doing... Wish me luck for Monday!

Remember my post about our literacy schedule and that I had to drop the Daily 5 to the Daily 2 and make sure I documented three 31 minute English lessons? Well, my school and decided to change what is required from us again - and it's over half way through the term! So now I have to look over the new requirements, create a new board to show students what their group is doing etc. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I'll now be able to do the Daily 3 though so that's something!

To top off an awful week, I've been trying since last week to upload a new item to TpT and Teachers Notebook and it won't load onto either them. I've tried probably 5 or 6 times each. Grrrrr.

Anyway, on a positive note, I reached 200 followers! I'm absolutely gob-smacked. Remember to enter my $20 Amazon gift card giveaway!

I hope you have wonderfully relaxing, yet productive, weekend!


  1. Just found your blog and will definitely be joining in on your giveaway!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I hope that you are felling better soon! I was tired just reading your post! I am in New York and we have not started school yet but I am already feeling the pressure. Thanks for commenting on and following my new blog. I am excited to get the year rolling!

  3. You're giving away an Amazon gift card - even though you're from Australia? I teach in Victoria and have tried one hundred bazillion times (that's the actual number :p ) and I can't order from Amazon! What am I doing wrong?! PS, love the blog, and that there's an Australian one I can stalk during my release :)

  4. Hi Miss Andrew! Thanks for poppin by. I've been ordering off Amazon for a couple of years now without any problem! I really only order books though, I have tried some educational board games and they haven't allowed that. So I'd hazard a guess that there are restrictions on what you are ordering. Books are no problems though (and even with postage they are usually cheaper than here!).



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