Thursday, October 20, 2011

A rough week

Not having a good week... I just have too much to do and not enough time to do it. Don't you just hate all of those little things that get dumped on you on top of everything else? For example, this week we have to have all results for English, Math and Science ready (reports are not due for another few weeks) just so we can place students in classes for next year, year book photos and write ups, student council commitments, meetings (we've also been told of an extra meeting on our 'week off' the week reports are due), this stuff I have to fill in for one of my special needs kids for an outside agency (permission granted) etc etc. All on top of actual planning and teaching! And assessment mind you - can't forget that since I'm drowning in it!

So you just know how lovely it was when I read an email saying that I've been nominated as a Top 25 Teacher Mom blog! Please head on over and vote for my blog! 
Thanks! You've made my week!

Here's a chart we made a little while ago when we reviewed how to add 'zing' to our writing. Nothing spectacular. And I spelt onomatopoeia wrong! Oops - I sometimes do that when I'm speaking as I'm writing!


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