Sunday, October 07, 2012


When I first started reading teacher blogs mid last year, I couldn't find any that were written by Aussie teachers. I'm not saying that weren't out there, but I couldn't find them! This was actually the inspiration for my blog name. Seems a bit silly now because I'm discovering new Aussie blogs all the time!

A few of us have gotten together for an Awesome Aussie Giveaway!
 Thanks to Mel for the button!

You have the chance to win some fantastic products from 13 Aussie bloggers! The giveaway is hosted by the lovely Brooke over at Teachable Moments

I'm giving away any product from my store! You might choose one of my latest products....
You have to be in it to win it, so head on over to Teachable Moments and enter now!


  1. Thanks so much for joining in :)

  2. Great idea!!! I don't have anything to offer, but would love to follow along and see all the other Aussie bloggers out there. Is a list or blog roll being put together that we can all join...

    1. It's great to see there are Aussie teachers who are trying to collaborate and share ideas through blogging. Thanks for trying to link us together, Kylie.
      Judith, I tried a few months ago to establish exactly what you are looking for but even though I emailed about 30 Aussie Teacher Bloggers, there were only three of us who joined in so it fizzled.
      I still have the blog lying around:
      If you are keen to try again, I am happy to add you in as an editor.
      I really think that blogging (and twitter, Facebook etc) are great tools that are seriously underused by Aussie teachers. Somehow we have to show them how great it can be.
      What is your blog? I'd love to follow.

      The Learning Curve

    2. Thanks Jane for replying to Judith, I've been a bit out of the loop the past week! Unfortunately, if you click on the link in my post that goes to the giveaway, you'll only be able to see the TpT stores of the Aussie bloggers and not their blogs. I've been meaning to make a page that will have a link to all the Aussie blogs I know, so I'll try and get that up soon! Fingers crossed within the next week or two.

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