Sunday, January 27, 2013

B2S Classroom Photos

Yesterday I promised to show you photos of what my room looked like Friday for parents and kids to come in.

I am disappointed that my room is not finished but I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. It is student ready and I'll probably move things around the first few weeks anyway so I'm not too concerned. 

You can basically see the whole room in this pic and the next one. This room is smaller than my last portable/demountable room and the odd shape makes it difficult to arrange things. Ignore the boxes of baggies on the front desk - I used them to hold spare supplies that the kids brought in on Friday. I don't do communal supplies (I do provide extras from my own money) but I don't pool the kids' supplies together. I want them to learn to take responsibility for their own belongings so they have their own. I store their extra pencils, erasers and glue in the baggies in the cupboard for them to get when they run out. The blue containers were on the kids stationery lists this year - they are their pencil cases. They fit into the tidy trays but most kids prefer to keep them on their desk. Because they are clear, they can see their pencils, erasers, glue etc to retrieve it quickly and there's no rummaging in desks searching for missing pencils!

I love the banner I made to add colour to that awful concertina door and my polka dot alphabet posters!  
 This is from the back looking towards the front.
Here's the little alcove next to the angled wall. I've used it to house 3 of my computers (one is connected to the interactive whiteboard). I've got my whole brain teaching rules here because it's the only bit of wall I've got in the room. On the left near the entrance is a glimpse of my small group area. 
Here's another view of the computers. Look! I've got some cupboards! A big bonus after 3 years without any storage space!
I've got my other two computers over the side of the room. I haven't dug out enough chapter books to fill the rotating rack on the side, but I should be able to find them early next week! The shelves hold a lot of my math manipulatives. On top I've got tubs of pencils, crayons and permanent markers so I can get ready making charts. I was thinking of having my Author in the Spotlight on top, hence the lamp. The tinted window looks into my office.
 These little chairs are next to the shelves and the door to go outside and the storeroom door.
This is a view of the back whole group and library area. I love the big book holder thing on the right hand side - it literally holds hundreds and hundreds of books (which I've organised alphabetically by author surname) and therefore saves tonnes of shelf space! I've still got boxes of book to unpack but I put out enough to get us started. I think I'll get rid of the box of cushions or find somewhere else to put it. I'll use the board for charts we make and a pocket chart.  The clock won't stay there!
Here's another view. The bookshelf holds some book boxes and tubs of scholastic reader type books.
I've got another group area down the front near the interactive whiteboard. I've put my rocking chair down here. 
Besides the interactive whiteboard, this this is the only whiteboard I've got. It is above the rocking chair. I'll probably change what is up the top (I can't write up there being only 5ft 1) but I wanted something up there to add some colour.
The blue tables are near the sliding door entrance. The pink frame from Target will hold notices and messages, the green rack has phonics readers, the pink tub on top holds our school student diaries (which are required to come to school each day). Underneath are tubs. I think the blue one will hold homework folders (our homework only comes in once a week). I'm not sure about the pink ones yet. I'm actually thinking now I'll get another two pinks ones for the other side...
This is on the other side of the yellow half wall divider above. You can see I'm missing a drawer :( I've still got labels to add and things to add on top. Through the left hand side of the purple wall is our shared kitchen (for myself and my teaching partner).
On the sliding doors I have added our word wall, mainly because there was nowhere else large enough to hold it! This is part of it.
Here is the start of my small group area. I've got a shelf on the left hand side that can't be seen to hold my small group supplies. Those posters are awful but we are required to have them in every class (they are QAR posters). Ignore the pink paper that is hanging outside the yellow border too, I'm waiting for some blue (and pink) scalloped borders to be delivered to put on the outside to make a double border, but they haven't arrived yet.

Like I said, my room is not finished and this is it until I return to school with the kids on Tuesday. I've got a whole storeroom of boxes of games, manipulatives, stationery and other things still to set up somewhere. I'm so sad it's not finished, but once I can get a security code for the building I'll be in on weekends finishing it off (I know I'll be WAY too tired after school for the first few weeks!). Even writing that, I know it probably won't happen until the Easter holidays!

I was very anxious when I left Friday knowing that the next time I set back in the room my new little firsties will be on their way! I'm so excited because they are all little cuties! I think I'll have a lovely class this year!

Sorry for another mammoth of a post! Good luck with your first week back!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

B2S Classroom Photos

Phew, has this week gone by fast and been exhausting! I've had a lot of problems with getting my room set up for school that starts next week! 

I went into school Monday and Tuesday to set up since Wednesday to Friday were teacher days and I'd be in meetings and PD for most of the time. We also had parents coming in to drop off school supplies Friday morning and knew that 2-4 hours on Wednesday and Thursday would NOT be enough time to set up the room!

I kept mysel busy Monday and Tuesday scrubbing the walls because they were so filthy the white walls looked a blackish colour and were covered in blu-tack. And I don't know what was wrong with the blu-tack because usually it comes off easily when you rub over it with another piece of blu-tack but all it did was smudge! So I spent quite a bit of the 2 days on my tippy toes of the top step of a step ladder trying to clean off smudgy blu-tack! I collected 3 tennis ball sized balls of blu-tack and my back ached from being down on the floor cleaning the lower walls!

Here are some before pictures. This is what my room looked like Tuesday afternoon after I'd spent two days cleaning walls and removing blu-tack.

I've mentioned my weird shaped room before. This is the actual shape of it!

I've removed the rest of the craziness that was my week.

 How did your classroom preparation go this week?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Summer Lovin

Sorry I haven't posted for so long.  I haven't been doing anything special, just really lovin our Summer break. I think I'll need all the R&R because once we go back I'll be stressing. Why? Because we only have 2 DAYS to set up our classrooms. Yep, we all had to hand in our keys before we left and we only get them back on the Monday, 2 days before we have to return to school for teacher days (Wed thru Friday). And the 'planning time', which is always 'get room set-up time' is always just the last hour of the day BUT we are expected to have our rooms 'student ready' on Friday morning as kiddos and their parents drop off their things then. 

Anywho, since I'm not at school I don't have anything really to post about. I did make up these READ things that everyone has now. I want to hot glue some thin black ribbon around the outside still.
I've also started making some Word Family packs to work on with my new firsties. I'm making the 'a' word families in pink (so I can mix them up later for review) and the other vowels in a different color.
Each pack has 11 activities and centers and about 50 pages of word family fun! Here's what I've printed and have ready. 

We'll be using magnets to make words in the first pic. The first set of cards students will just need to add the beginning sound or blend. In the second set, students will need to make the whole word. We'll also make flip books and word slides. The color copies I've made up to work on word families during guided reading and I've also included B&W copies for students to make, color and keep for themselves (I've only printed off the B&W flip book). 

The second pic here shows the self-correcting -at Word Family puzzles. The kids are going to love them! The first pic shows just about everything. I've included some flash cards/word wall cards, Roll and Write graph, letters to make words at the pocket chart, a play-doh mat, a word family min-book, a Fill in the Blank cloze worksheet and word search.

I'm working on other packs at the moment. I've got a list a mile long of things I want to work on to save time during the school term but I don't think most of them will happen!

If you're in the southern hemisphere, how is your break going?