Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall Addition and Subtraction Word Problems and a Halloween robability Freebie

50 Fall Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
I had a request a little while ago after another teacher bought my Summer Centers pack. One of the centers consisted of a bunch of word problems. The request was for seasonal and holiday packs filled with word problems.

It's taken me a little while, but I have finished the first pack. It has 25 addition and 25 subtraction word problems.   

The pages all follow a consistent format to help in developing student independence. These problems all have a sum to 10 and are simple ‘joining’ addition and classic take-away style problems - perfect for the start of the year. The 25 addition and 25 subtraction pages are jumbled up (so that students have to work out the operation).

Each page has an addition or subtraction number story (or word problem). Students visualize the problem and draw a picture to represent it. This can help some students work out whether the problem requires them to add or subtract. In addition, students will complete a 10-frame, number line and number sentence (or equation) for each problem. 

I plan on developing more packs as the year progresses that will gradually increase in difficulty and include different styles of questions (start unknown, difference unknown etc). I already have some other packs in the works. 

On another note, the other week we were looking at probability and events that will, might and won't happen. I made up this quick little activity which you can download in Google Drive

It's a bit late for Halloween, but you might want to put it away for next year. My kids had a lot of fun with it. I hope yours do too!

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Five for Friday

What a week! I didn't take photos of most of what we did. I never seem to find time to pick up the camera!

I made these cute witches hats for a Halloween treat. Yum! They took way to long to make for such as simple recipe! They have chocolate crackles inside!

We used key details and inferred to work out  which witch was witch and whose things were whose using this cute unit from Abby at The Inspired Apple. I wish I'd taken more pics of this.... it was a lot of fun and the kids loved it.

We kept on learning about sound in science. And I know, the charts I make with the kids are not very cute! But to the kids I am the 'best illustrator in the whole world!'. Ahh kids, they can make you feel good about things you suck at!!

We finished our Halloween themed math centers. The kids had a hoot! We had grandparents day yesterday (and I took not 1.single.picture.!!). One of the activities we did was to share a favourite game with our grandparents. Many chose Witchy Brew to play. You can pick it up for free in google drive.

This pic was from a few weeks ago, but we are learning about procedures. We have made ice-cream sundaes and peanut butter and jam sandwiches this term using this pack from Natalie's Nook. 

I've linked up with Doodle Bugs for her Five for Friday linky

What have you been up to?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Truth: Creepy Stuff

I loved reading all of the fitness My Truth posts last week so I've decided to join Denise this week with her new topic: Creepy Stuff. 
Food: Anything soggy I just can not eat. I hadn't eaten cereal since I was a kid until very recently when I started trying to eat breakfast as part of a health kick. I would dip a spoonful of cereal into the bowl of milk and put it straight in my mouth before it could get soggy! I can't have croutons in soup (or dip in bread rolls), tomato and pineapple have to be separate from other salad ingredients and bread and butter pudding would make me vomit. I think it has something to do with the texture.

Scary Movies: When it comes to scary movies, I don't mind watching them although I am the screamer at the cinemas! And yes, I do get laughed at when I scream (and jump out of my seat) during movies. But I like them anyway. 

Sick movies are another thing though. Movies like Saw I just don't get and really creep me out in a bad way. 

What creeps me out the most: creepy crawlies. Enough said.

Head on over and link up your My Truth with Denise here:

I started up a FB page last night, I'd love you to be among my very first followers! I've just bought my first smartphone EVER and think FB and Instagram will be much easier to update and post to now!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Addition Game Freebie

If you follow me on Instagram, I posted this pic yesterday of some of our math rotations this week. 

For our T (Teacher's Choice) Tub, we are using working on solving and representing addition and subtraction number stories. For my lower group, we are using a Make It, Draw It, Write It mat to help us solve the problems. I printed the word problems for my lower group from this pack by Kristen Smith. We are also representing our equations with ten frames, part-part-whole models and number lines etc.

The other week I saw this great idea where you write math facts on craft sticks (I called them broomsticks!) and sort them into the small Halloween tub things (I called them cauldrons). It has been PERFECT for our M (Math Facts) tub this week! I'm not sure where the idea came from though so sorry I can't pass on the original link.  I wrote 7-12 on the back of the cauldrons and the kids sorted the 'broomsticks' into them. Each ended up with 2 addition and 2 subtraction sticks. Here's a recording sheet I made up if you want it. I put in some hundred charts to work out the answers (if needed) and some flash cards for when they were done. They love testing each other!

Another game we've been playing to master those all important math facts the last two weeks is Witchy Brew. You can download it here in google drive. 
I'm LOVIN my tubs of counters and a double dice. I have enough for every student in the class. Each holds 20 counters and a double dice. We use them just about every day. For this game, they roll the double dice (or 2 dice), add them together and move the number of spaces. My kidlets who are already pretty good with their facts use 1-10 dice instead. 

Also, I've started up a FB page for this little ol' blog. Well, I actually set it up in December 2011 but never got around to publishing it.... I'd love it if you'd be my first follower :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

More Randomness

It's been almost 2 months since my last post - where does time fly?? Here's a little photo update of what I've been up to. 

We had a visit from our local fire department. The kids had a ball spraying the hose!
We made these cute trophies for Father's Day (celebrated in September here). I spray painted disposable coffee cups gold, used double sided tape to join them together and the kids used sticky foam letters to add a message. Totally ripped off of Pinterest.
I went on a cruise with Liz from Bayside Math Teacher for 10 days over our spring break (plus an overnight stay on the Gold Coast and in Sydney). We had a great time and are already planning a ski trip to New Zealand next Winter!

Before we left from Sydney, we did all the touristy things - visited the Opera House, walked the Harbour Bridge and visited Luna Park and the Botanical Gardens. 

While down in Sydney, I had my first Starbucks coffee! I don't think we have them in Brisbane...Once on board the Carnival Spirit, I loved relaxing with cocktails in the Serenity Bar. We ended up collecting all the fancy cups they can get served in. My boy down there was constantly annoying me by not wanting to smile (or pose for) any photos. Ggggrrrrrr. Liz and I dressed up for Mexican (and Caribbean) night and of course the sunsets were amazing as we sailed through Vanuatu and New Caledonia. My head kept getting in the way of this selfie... but the first selfie I've ever taken was on this cruise (believe it or not) and I did get a little bitty bit better at taking them! When I saw Cara's font titled "Oh Poop" I knew I had to use it because that's what I said after about 10 of these selfies all having the same result :)
We ended up having shore days at Isle of Pines and Mystery Island in Vanuatu and Lifou and Noumea in New Caledonia. I LOVED New Caledonia and will definitely go back again. By now I was a little better at taking selfies.... We ended up taking a path through the 'wilderness' at Lifou which was little more than a little dirt track. It paid off, it took us straight to Jinek Bay, which had some great snorkeling. The water was so clear and there were plenty of fish!

After our snorkel in Lifou, we followed this sign to the Cave. I'd read about it online and we'd planned to go there and it was so helpful that this sign was there to show us the way! We passed some traditional homes and Catholic Church and had another little trek down to the cave. The view from where we enter looking back up was beautiful! It is very dark when you enter the cave with just a little light shining in from a natural opening. There is a man there with a torch but it was still really dark. There is a natural pool that you can jump into, which we did! The water is about a metre from the surface and you just have to take the plunge into darkness! I took a photo when I got down in there to see what I was jumping into and you could see the water with the flash, but without it you couldn't really see anything. It was a lot of fun!

The snorkeling was fantastic. We took a tour through Aquanature because it was rated Number 1 activity on TripAdvisor. It was wonderful and Bernard (our guide) was so knowledgeable, that's him swimming down to pick some things up to show us. Most of the good stuff I videoed instead of taking photos, but we got to see a sea turtle, a shark, stingray, schools of fish and lots more! I want to go back and do it all again!

Anyway, we're back to real life now - 7 weeks to go for this school year. Can't wait for summer! We are learning out Sound at the moment in science and the kids had a blast making straw kazoos to explore pitch this week. Click the pic to take you to PBS to view it. I was happy to send the kazoos home in the afternoon for the kids to show their parents!
I'll try to be back more school related things soon!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Photo Randomness

I've got no real direction for this post, just random photos that I've taken over the past month or two at school!

On the 100th Day we read One Hundred Hungry Ants and viewed the book on youtube. We paused the video and made the lines of ants with unifix cubes (1 line of 100, 2 lines of 50 etc). Would the ants have gotten to the picnic faster if they stayed in 1 line? My kids couldn't decide, they were very divided in their opinions!
This is the rotation board I've been using for about 7 weeks (this term). I love it, so easy. I use photos of my kids to show what group they are in (covered with the smilies). Easy to change kids to different groups when needed. Also the flowers are my spelling rotations using Words Their Way.
At the start of this term, we did a lot more work on making inferences and visualising. I got these poems from Deanna at Mrs Jump's Class. I have this awful wall that can open in my room so I put them up there to try and add some colour. This was before it was finished, I have 26 kids so there was a lot more of their work to add when this was taken.
Here was a chart I made up when we were focusing on inferring and others when we were learning length in math.
Have a good weekend everyone! :)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

BTS Sale!
 Thanks Mel for this cute sign!

My store is on sale, with all items 20% off. Add in the code BTS13 to receive an additional 10% off the reduced price. Hurry, ends Monday!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back to School Plans
Nuff said! 

I know that many of you are heading back to school for a brand new year. When we went back in January I posted some plans for the first three days that I used. I didn't stick to them entirely but if you want to have a look here they are in one place: 

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

If you download them (not just open them) you should be able to find links to a few freebies on each plan.

One extra thing that I did do during the first week was go over the bathroom procedure. I don't know about you, but at my school each block of 2 classrooms has one boy and one girl bathroom. Each with only one toilet. Plus an extra 8 classrooms in portables nearby that don't have their own bathroom. That equals a lot of kids using only a small number of bathrooms and a stinky mess (ewww). 

I shared this pack with the rest of my year level so that all our kids would know how to responsibly use the bathroom. I've added a few things to it and uploaded it to TpT so if you also have bathroom problems at your school you might want to check it out. As always it is 20% off for the first few days. 

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Teaching Math Routines... so you can teach small groups

First up, can I give a big thank you to the lovely ladies who have volunteered to align some of my packs to the common core. Even though I don't use it myself, the majority of people who download and purchase my products are from the U.S. so it only makes sense to make my packs as user friendly for them as possible. I already have a number of packs aligned so over the next few weeks I'll be updating many of my packs to include this information.

The first pack I've had time to update is my new 173 page Teaching Math Routines pack. I finished this pack before my eye surgery but have only just got it listed now. This pack was created as I tried to teach my firsties this year many of the types of math activities, or routines, we do during math workshop so they could be successful and independent while I worked with small groups. 

The 10 routines included in this pack are:
  • Matching activities (2 centers)
  • Spin, Tally and Graph activities (2 centers)
  • Bump games(12 game boards)
  • Tic Tac Toe games (6 game boards)
  • Using a 100 chart (2 centers)
  • Task Cards (2 centers)
  • Dominoes (2 centers)
  • Write the Room activities (2 centers)
  • Pocket Chart activities (2 centers)
  • Independent Work (4 worksheets)
  • Bonus Thinking and Listening with Unifix Cubes whole class activity.
The aim is that once students know the routine I can swap out the centers and they will transfer their understanding of how to play/what to do without me having to reteach or explain it each time (who doesn't get tired of kids not knowing what to do when it's the same activity, just different content!!). As the year progress, I add different routines to the mix, but this gets me started with working with math groups for the first term. 

I have included in the pack a sample schedule for the first four weeks of teaching kids these routines, although you don't have to follow it. It was just what worked for me this year with the bunch of kids I have. I also explained how I introduced each routine, so that they practice it multiple times over the week to help them learn the routine. There are 2 centers for each routine so that kids can practice each routine with different math skills or concepts. 

Each activity comes with a cover for your baggie or folder and an I Can chart to help kids be independent. 

 Here's a little of the 173 pages!

As always, it's 20% off for the first few days. Sorry to bombard you with new products over the past two days, once I get back to school I'll have other things to post about!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Beanie Baby Strategies

Firstly, thank you to my son for typing this post for me, saying that, I apologise for any mistakes since spelling and grammar are not really his thing!

Sorry that I haven't blogged much lately. I had eye surgery about a week ago and am still recovering. First it was really hard to look at any type of screen because of the light coming off it, now that is less, but my nose basically needs to be on the screen to read the text - and even then it is blurry! I return to school in 5 days so hopefully I'll be right by then. 

This is just a quick post to let you know that I was able to upload my beanie baby strategy cards. Since I posted about them a little whiles ago, I've had a few emails asking if I was going to post them. Well, it's taken 6 months (we start school at the end of January here) but I finally was able to make up the last 2 cards this past week and get it posted. And I tell ya, those last 2 cards took me aaaagggggeeesss since I couldn't see the screen properly and had to keep taking breaks! Luckily I had my sweet boy available to help me convert it to pdf and get it posted! (I had to add that in, he wouldn't type it :D)

Here are examples of two of the cards. It's 20% off for the first few days.

I use the beanie babies in conjunction with CAFE, however I know that many teachers use the beanie baby strategies on their own. I've uploaded my CAFE headings as a free product on TpT (and since I've been using them since January, I don't know why I haven't posted them earlier!). I've already had someone ask for a chevron version, so once I can see a little better I'll make them up. I'm hoping by Sunday I'll be able to work on the computer so I can plan for Monday!
Ok, that's it. Time to rest my eyes, they're straining just from reading over this post. I tell ya, it gets very boring not being able to watch TV, spend a lot of time on the computer or read. It's also depressing being in a dark house for a week! Short term pain for long term gain I guess! Oh, I did join Instagram as something to do when I got my new Samsung Note 8 delivered. I haven't posted much at all being stuck at home, but I'd love it if you followed me! I think it will be easier to keep up to date with what's going on in my class because it doesn't take as long to write as a blog post. I'll get a button soon, but I think you can just search for downunderteacher. Thank you!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Common Core help anyone?

I'm looking at aligning my products to the Common Core but I don't know much about it at and I'm short on time at the moment (I've got eye surgery Wednesday - eeekkk! - and I'll be out of it for about a week. I'm prepping sub plans for 6 days at the moment....blah). 

I'm hoping that I can find a few people who are familiar with the Common Core and are willing to align my products for me. Of course, you can then keep the products that you align. I'd send you the products via email along with a word or .ppt file to copy and paste the standards that align with each activity in the pack.

If you're willing to help, please send me an email or reply here. I'm taking my son to his footy game shortly so I'll be able to respond in a few hours (well, I'm hoping there are some takers that I can respond to!!). I've just about finished this 160 page pack which will be one of the first to be aligned. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Back to School Planning a week it's been! It's funny how only two weeks after returning from my Winter break, it feels like I didn't have a break at all! Boy, were my kids off today, don't know whether it was the weather or that we were meant to have our sports day (but it got rained out), but they sure were hard work!

Anyway, today I thought I'd link up with Cara (First Grade Parade) and her Throwback Thursday linky. Since many of you are gearing up for the start of a new school year, I've chosen a post from January this year when I was getting ready for our back to school. 

Original Post from 13/01/13

I thought I'd share my planning for the first week back.  Because of the Australia Day public holiday on Monday, I'll share the first 4 days. 

My plans might change once I talk with the other teachers on my year level during our teacher days. Also, since I haven't taught Year 1 before, I might have to adjust things throughout the day. I've got no idea with timing with these littlies as well. I've generally put a chunk of time to do a couple of things (e.g. read a book, do a whole class activity and an individual activity) because I was unsure how long they'll take to get things done. But this is what I'm thinking of for Day 1 so far.

I haven't written them out word for word (whose got time for that?!) but it does just give a general overview. I've included links to documents as well as a few freebies. Since I'm in Australia, things like announcements and the pledge aren't included.