Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Addition Game Freebie

If you follow me on Instagram, I posted this pic yesterday of some of our math rotations this week. 

For our T (Teacher's Choice) Tub, we are using working on solving and representing addition and subtraction number stories. For my lower group, we are using a Make It, Draw It, Write It mat to help us solve the problems. I printed the word problems for my lower group from this pack by Kristen Smith. We are also representing our equations with ten frames, part-part-whole models and number lines etc.

The other week I saw this great idea where you write math facts on craft sticks (I called them broomsticks!) and sort them into the small Halloween tub things (I called them cauldrons). It has been PERFECT for our M (Math Facts) tub this week! I'm not sure where the idea came from though so sorry I can't pass on the original link.  I wrote 7-12 on the back of the cauldrons and the kids sorted the 'broomsticks' into them. Each ended up with 2 addition and 2 subtraction sticks. Here's a recording sheet I made up if you want it. I put in some hundred charts to work out the answers (if needed) and some flash cards for when they were done. They love testing each other!

Another game we've been playing to master those all important math facts the last two weeks is Witchy Brew. You can download it here in google drive. 
I'm LOVIN my tubs of counters and a double dice. I have enough for every student in the class. Each holds 20 counters and a double dice. We use them just about every day. For this game, they roll the double dice (or 2 dice), add them together and move the number of spaces. My kidlets who are already pretty good with their facts use 1-10 dice instead. 

Also, I've started up a FB page for this little ol' blog. Well, I actually set it up in December 2011 but never got around to publishing it.... I'd love it if you'd be my first follower :)


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