Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Truth: Creepy Stuff

I loved reading all of the fitness My Truth posts last week so I've decided to join Denise this week with her new topic: Creepy Stuff. 
Food: Anything soggy I just can not eat. I hadn't eaten cereal since I was a kid until very recently when I started trying to eat breakfast as part of a health kick. I would dip a spoonful of cereal into the bowl of milk and put it straight in my mouth before it could get soggy! I can't have croutons in soup (or dip in bread rolls), tomato and pineapple have to be separate from other salad ingredients and bread and butter pudding would make me vomit. I think it has something to do with the texture.

Scary Movies: When it comes to scary movies, I don't mind watching them although I am the screamer at the cinemas! And yes, I do get laughed at when I scream (and jump out of my seat) during movies. But I like them anyway. 

Sick movies are another thing though. Movies like Saw I just don't get and really creep me out in a bad way. 

What creeps me out the most: creepy crawlies. Enough said.

Head on over and link up your My Truth with Denise here:

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  1. Kylie, I am so with you on the soggy food thing...guess what was on my truth about what food grosses me out....bread and butter pudding and don't get me started on trifles, yuk! I am heading over to your FB page to like it right NOW!

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  2. ooh, I forgot about trifles! Yuk! And I can't even watch people who dip biscuits into their tea or coffee - barf!! Thanks for liking my page!!


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