Sunday, July 08, 2012

Back to School Blues

I'm back to school tomorrow. The first half of this year went pretty fast! The holidays even faster!! I'm a little bummed because I didn't get as much done as I wanted to. It doesn't feel like I've had a break at all really. I also don't know how I'm going to get up tomorrow. I really am a night owl and love sleeping in. Not looking forward to a 6am wake-up call tomorrow.

I took in over 100 new books today that I contacted these holidays. I love the look and feel of a brand new, contacted book! They are just so smooth and shiny. It makes me smile (crazy I know!).

Anyway, I finally got my new storage shelves put together - I didn't realize it came as a flat pack! A few hours later it was finally put together!
I haven't finished with all the labels yet and putting stuff on top. I spray painted my black rotating reader racks - one green (you can see some of it above) and one pink. They look so cute now!
These are my new labels. I've started re-labelling everything! I'm making blue = math, pink = literacy and yellow = other (like whiteboards which can be used for multiple subjects).

Because I had to move things around to fit the new shelves in, my group area is in an area that doesn't have a bulletin board. So I've moved my CAFE board onto this portable divider so we can still access it easily from the group table. It covers up some of the ugly concertina door, so that's good!
I also had to move my VOICES Writing Traits board and other things around. I'll have pictures of that tomorrow.

I find I always end up moving things around because I am never quite happy or I end up buying new furniture and have to move things to fit it in (and I'm not just talking about tables/desks, but all the other 'stuff' like shelves, meeting area, group table etc). I really wish I didn't have to move things around at this point of the year. Do you typically set up at the beginning of the year, or do you like to move things around as the year progresses?