Thursday, October 27, 2011

Books coming out my ears, nose, mouth....

I thought I was doing well. I mean, I REALLY thought I was doing well getting some of these darn books out of my house! This last week while watching CSI, Bones, Castle and my other fav crime shows, I've been busily contacting books ready to take them to school.

You see, I have a LOT of books - I'm talking about boxes and boxes and boxes of books that are filling up my garage waiting for me to move them to their new home. I made the decision when I first started teaching that I would contact all books before adding them to the library in the hope they will last that little bit longer.... and I've also taught Grade 6 so many of them are destined to stay in their dark little home until I teach a higher grade again! So, these boxes have been waiting ever so patiently for me to flip their lids open, delve into them and remove some enticing covers that catch my eye. The problem is that the job is so daunting - it will take me FOREVER to get them all covered. So, I've broken the job down into smaller parts and I've got a small box of books sitting in my living room to mock me until I break down, roll up my sleeves and pick up a roll of clear contact and get covering! And I've been doing it - I took in 18 books today, 16 yesterday and so on throughout this week. 

And then the deliveries came..... I had forgot about those. First, my Scholastic order showed up at school. More bright and shiny books to add to the almost empty box in my living room. 
Then I received a note in my mailbox saying that I had a package to pick up from the post office. Oh yeah, I had ordered these books online last week when I was procrastinating about getting assessment marked. There's the cultural celebration books to use next year when we do that unit again. And the friendship focus book (Emily and the Big Bad Bunyip) we have to use during our friendship unit. Ok, I'll just add those ones to my theme boxes in my crowded garage and worry about them next year.
Hang on, is that another pick-up slip from the post office? Oh yeah, I saw an online clearance sale and just HAD to pick up some bargains...... I'll just try and squash them into the living room box.... I could use those grammar and story structure books in mini-lessons next week - got to get them contacted...
So, I THOUGHT I had done really well clearing out some of the books.... but it feels like I've gotten nowhere :(

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