Here are some of my freebies. Click on the picture to download them for free from TpT or from Google Docs. All of my freebies aren't here yet, but keep checking back as I'll keep on adding them to this page when I've got time.
Poster to help withe reading grids:
 Board game to name to 2D shapes.

 CAFE Headers

Procedural Texts Freebie

CAFE Strategy Cards

Daily 5 Rotation Board labels - with Write About Reading instead of Work on Writing and  Writing Skills. I may end up updating these soon...

I offered this freebie to my wonderful followers when I reached 500! Thank you!

 Planet Hop board game for the oy/oi sound.

 Fair testing and science small group role posters. 

 Early sharing/division concept games.

 My kids know that if they have a question, they need to ask 3 of their classmates before they ask me! Works really well during guided reading.  

Australian money games 
U.S. money games

Ordinal Number worksheets (great for the Year 2 Net if you are in Australia).

Monster Calendar Cards. 
Weather themed patterning activity.
Sprint to 100 Place Value game. Easter/Rabbit Racers Sprint to 100

2 Rounding Posters - Rounding to the nearest 10 and hundred.

Pictures and Words + Background Knowledge = An Inference. I set this up like a vertical equation.

 Back to School: Get to Kow Me activity and questions to for students to answer once you've made a birthday picture graph. 

  This is a part of my Valentine's Day math pack.

  Boggle Board and Clock Times in the one download.

 Great for the start of the year with reluctant readers.


  1. Hi
    I am very new to this and was trying to print some of your adorable freebies but not all of the print comes out. Any suggestions what I can do?
    I love the getting your know you /my favorites page.
    (ps way up here in California!)

    1. Hi Mary, which file where you having problems with?

  2. Love all of your resources!! Fantastic to find some great things made for Australian classrooms. Thanks heaps =D

  3. My pleasure, I'm so glad you can use them Christine!

  4. Hi Kylie
    Thanks for organising all these great resources on the one page. I have pinned a few of them to my collaborative interest board. I have found blogging and reading other people's blogs so useful, I am trying to encourage a few of my colleagues to join the revolution.
    I'm so glad I found a fellow Queenslander who blogs and is so generous in sharing great resources that are relevant to the Australian Curriculum
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you get up to this year. (Not long to go now!)
    The Learning Curve

    1. Thanks Jane for the comments and for pinning. I've also learned so much from reading and seeing what other teachers are doing, I think I'm a better teacher because of it.

      Counting down the days now...

    2. Such a beautiful visually stunning site and love the innovative and creative ideas! Well done and thank you so much for sharing and just being you! I will be sharing your work with everybody I know!

      E Lakisoe

    3. Thanks so much for your kind comments!

  5. thank you so much for all of these wonderful freebies!

  6. I found you via Pinterest! Thank you so much for the freebies!
    Merry Christmas,Killeen Sharp

  7. Thanx 4 your hard work... and making mine less!!! Have a gr8 2014.

  8. Love your blog. Great to see a Aussie blog. I just started blogging myself as areflective tool. Hope I can be at your standard one day.

  9. Thank you thank you thank you....

  10. Thanks, I really love the boggle board I made from your site :)!

  11. Thank you so much for all of these wonderful freebies, we use them in Belgium to! (y) ;)

  12. Thank you - your freebies are wonderful!

  13. Hi, I bought your resource Monster rounding, but cannot find the Monster counters and the Rules. Where can I find these?

  14. Thank you for sharing! Love your ideas. I might work on Daily 5's. looks great.

  15. Thank you so much. Lovely resources.

  16. Thanks for sharing. That is a very generous thing to do.

  17. Thank you for sharing, my class are loving the Boggle board!

  18. Love you resources. Can't wait to use them in 2019


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