Sunday, January 08, 2012

Valentine's Day centers and Freebies!

Sorry I've been posting so much about new items in my TpT store. Once school starts up again I'll have more interesting things to post about!

Saying that, here's another item I've just uploaded to TpT (haven't gotten around to Teachers Notebook yet - I'll update this post with links once I do). 
It comes with 7 centers and activities: 
1.  Puppy Love Parts of Speech
2.  Opposites Attract Antonyms 
3.  Sweet "Hoots" Syllable sort
4.  Marvellous Monkey Mathematicians
5.  Chocolate groups (given a table/diagram, students draw the number of chocolate boxes, the number of chocolates in the box and write the number model).
6. Love Heart Arrays bingo (boards for 8 students - perfect for pairs or small groups).
7. Multiplication and array number stories (student made booklet to respond to number stories, number stories 2 page worksheet and 1 page for students to write their own multiplication stories).

I've uploaded it as a whole pack, only the array/multiplication math activities and separate literacy activities (as linked to above). 
Now here's 2 freebies from the pack:
Marvellous Monkey Mathematicians comes with number cards 1-20. Students turn over 2-3 cards and complete the worksheet. This center comes with 4 recording sheets for you to choose from:

1. 3 Addends (students turn over 3 cards, record the order that is easier for his/her to add and find the sum).
2. 2 Addends (turn over 2 cards, add and record).
3. Subtraction (turn over 2 cards. Take the smaller number away from the larger and record).
4. Multiplication (turn over 2 cards, multiply and record).

Easy to differentiate - just put out the number cards and/or recording sheet you want your students to work on. 

Also, here is a worksheet of array/multiplication number stories. Click on the pic to grab it.

EDIT: Marvellous is spelt with a double l here in Australia. I have updated the file to include both the double l and single l spelling of 'marvellous' so my American buddies can also print and enjoy this activity! Thanks for pointing that out!



  1. Super awesome freebie! Thanks!!

    Sweet Times in First


  2. Love the Monkey Math freebie. FYI...marvelous has one l.
    Thought you'd want to know so you could repost it.

  3. Hi Denise,

    Thanks for pointing that out - but we do spell 'marvelous' with a double ll here! I have now updated the file with both spellings so please download again!


  4. Thanks for the freebies- I will use the Monkey Mathematicians for my stations next month.


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