Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mini-Beast Math Centers

I know, you're probably really surprised. No Seussy colours or bright green filling your screen here! As I was scrolling through google reader I couldn't believe how much Seussy goodness and St Patrick's Day colours and products are for sale on TpT! 

Well, I didn't feel like doing that. What did I want this week? Bugs! We've been talking a LOT about bugs lately because some of my kids think it's ok to hurt insects.. pulling the wings off moths? What fun! Go around stirring up and then squishing ants? Yes please! Scaring the living day lights out of small defenseless tree frogs or trying to keep stick insects inside our bags? No problem! Does it matter that the poor thing will be squished and crushed? Nope! I don't know if these kids mean to be cruel, but well,  it's driving me crazy. Sooo... we've been talking heaps about respecting animals and insects and letting them be.

So where was I? Oh yeah, bug math centres! It's my newest pack on TpT. It covers some of the skills we've been covering lately like patterns, place value and ordinal numbers (Year 2 Net for my grade 2 Aussie friends!). 

Not all pages are shown here (I get tired of taking screen shots!) but it comes with

1. Buggy Place Value - students sort the cards onto the sorting mats according to the place value of the red and underlined number. They can then record the numbers on the recording sheet. This center comes with two sets of cards (tens and ones, and hundred, tens and ones) and two recording sheets.
2. Mini-Beast patterns - students use the cards to make different patterns and then name and draw their pattern on the recording sheet. 

3. Mini-Beast ordinal numbers - students read and view each card (e.g. 3 friends already at the hive) and identify who will be the ___ friend at the hive and which bug is the ordinal number listed. 8 cards are included, with 2 questions per card detailed on the recording sheet. Uses ordinal numbers to 12th.

4. Ladybug doubles - students match the double with its sum and record. Doubles cards to 20+20 included. The recording sheet has room for sums to 10+10 - copy double sided if you want to give out all cards. 

5. Place value butterflies - the place values are all mixed up! Students read the cards, make the number using base-10 on a place value mat (included) and record the number on the recording sheet. These cards use 3 digit numbers. 

You can grab it here.

I am also having 20% off at TpT store for the Leap Day Sale (as if you haven't heard!). Use the code L2P9Y to enjoy an extra 10% off!

Come back tomorrow for an ordinal number freebie! I'm off to empty my cart!


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