Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Keep Your Dear Teacher Happy poster

What a blah week! Sorry I haven't posted. There's no reason why I haven't. I've just been bludging! Going to bed early AND sleeping in kind of thing!

I've never really looked at the Top 100 on TpT before - I'm not up there with the big sellers, so there's no point. But like I said, I've been bludging so I haven't been creating anything new and have been buying instead. So I looked on the TpT 100 Highest Rated Products for last week looking for some new buys, and I saw one of mine! Talk about excited!
I know it's for the product I had listed as a freebie for the Teacher Appreciation Jackpot so it doesn't really count, but I'm still happy about it! Thanks to those who left feedback after you downloaded it for free!
A little while ago, I was talking about behaviour management. Somebody suggested that I should try Whole Brain Teaching. I wasn't sure that it was my thing but jumped on it and gave it a go when we came back for second term. Wow! How simple! How effective!
I found these posters at The Polka Dot Patch that I display on the board near my whole class carpet area. I also made up a "Keep your dear teacher happy" rule because I thought that encompasses anything they might get up to!  You can download it here in google docs. 

We recite the rules in the morning and after both breaks. We use the actions from 3rd Grade Thoughts when reciting the rules. 
I also use Class/Yes, but that's it. I don't need to use the scoreboard or anything else (yet!). I can't believe last term I was pulling my hair out and now everything is so good. 
These rules have really worked a treat. It's so easy if someone is calling out to say "Rule Number 4" and the class just automatically repeats the rule back. One, it stops the student from calling out, and two, it also seems to refocus the class. Love it!

Hopefully I'll be back soon with some new freebies for you.

EDIT: Head on over to Think, Wonder,Teach for a WBT linky party! I can't wait to check out all the links!