Saturday, August 18, 2012

Product Update, Bargain Buys, Flash Sale

I have updated my 6 Traits of Writing pack to include more cards (almost 110 now!) and chevron headers (along with the original polka dots) because they are SOOO popular this year. I had a little trouble updating the file so hopefully it's all working now. Just go to your Purchases tab to download it again. 
I just want to say thank you to all of you who bought products from me during the Back to School Sale (and any other time). You rock! Look out for a freebie coming your way soon!

I spent WAY to much money at the Back to School Sale! Not much I can use now though... a lot of it is stuff that will work great implementing from the start of the year (not over half way through like we are.... ahhh Summer break is within reach!).

Here are some of the bargain buys I've made recently. Click on the pics to check them out at TpT.  

This year I have a couple of kids who need lots of support with editing. I'm hoping the daily repetition will help them. Love that it includes math too!
This was a required reading this term. The chapter activities were great in reinforcing and reviewing many concepts we've been focusing on. Shanyn has the cutest blog name ever.

Teaching and learning values is big at my school, so I thought this would come in handy.

A lovely lady emailed me to ask if I was having a sale for Back to School. Well, I have just finished one but who can resist such a nice request? I know how much money I spend when I head back to school so any little saving can help. Therefore, I have having a Flash Sale on the 18th. Now, that's today here in Australia and it has only just gone live. So for my Aussie followers, the sale will last into the 19th. Now is the time to grab some bargain if you missed the Back to School sale!