Saturday, September 15, 2012

I take it back...

In my last post, I was hoping to get *just* sick enough to justify having a day off because I was so exhausted. I wish I hadn't written that! By midday the VERY NEXT DAY (Monday), I could barely talk. I had to whisper Tuesday because my voice was gone and I started to get a cough. Wednesday and Thursday I had to have off because I couldn't talk or stop coughing. Never in all my years of working (even before I became a teacher) have I ever had to have more than one day off. But they weren't the lovely, relaxing days off I envisaged them to be. Nope. Basically it was wasted time. I didn't get any marking, planning or creating done. I sat at the computer for a long time though, mostly just staring at it, wishing I could feel motivated to do something... anything.

Friday was tough. I had a coughing fit of two (or three...) when I couldn't stop coughing for a few minutes. My poor kiddies were so concerned. I had a lovely reception though when they saw me come out the door in the morning! Even the parents noticed! It's Saturday evening and my voice still isn't perfect. It starts to get croakier if I start talking. I had TWO naps today. 

At least now I know why I was feeling so exhausted last weekend - I was coming down with something! Hopefully those naps will rejuvenate me and I'll be 100% tomorrow. 

I did get this pack finished today. You can click on the pics to see it at TpT. It's 20% off, as always, for the first few days.
 It has 5 math centres/centers:
1. 1 page of word problems with addition, subtraction and multiplication scenaries (10 problems).

2. Autumn Number Order (3-digit numbers). Comes with 6 sets of 6 cards to place in order and a choice of 2 recording sheets (record in ascending or descending order).

3. Greater Than/Less Than Leaves - 2 sets of cards (2-digit and 3-digit numbers) and recording sheet.

4. True or False Equations - Sort the addition facts onto the True and False mats and record. Some facts require students to mentally add multiples of ten and then the ones (e.g. 22+17, 32+15).

5. Apple Place Value - Sort the apple cards onto the Hundreds, Tens or Ones mat according to the underlined number. Students record the value of the underlined number on the recording sheet.

Have you ever wished for something and had it come back and bite you on the bum? I'd love to hear your 'be careful what you wish for' story! Even if you haven't got one, leave a comment below and I'll give this pack to a person or two sometime tomorrow.


  1. Hi Kylie!
    I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Try and take it easy.
    This packet looks great!
    Feel better!

  2. Oh, Kylie!!! You shouldn't even be sitting on the computer if you're sick! You need to curl up in bed and rest, rest, rest! The centres look SUPER cute though :) I hope you are feeling better for our last week of school!!!

    Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists

    1. I hope I do to Shanyn! Feeling much better today, nt 100% like I hoped for though!

  3. Get well soon. Isn't it the worst when you want a day off and then you REALLY need it?

    My 'be careful what you wish for' story involves small class sizes. I always had high numbers. And if there were low numbers the year before mine, suddenly we found more by the time they got to me. So, the first time I saw a list of 18 names I did a happy dance. Until I met them...they were so horribly behaved that I wished I had my larger class (of well-behaved ones!) back!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

    1. I know what you mean Suzie, I'd prefer the larger class too. You must have had a tough year.

  4. Ah man! I am sorry you were so sick. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. You poor thing, losing your voice is the worst thing when you are a teacher. I had a larynx infection that lasted 3MONTHS a few years ago. I would be fine on Monday but by Friday I wouldn't have a voice and the only way to get rid of it was antibiotics and "resting" my voice. Hence why it lasted 3 months because the only time your voice gets a rest is on the holidays right. Now I am going to make a Mum announcement (that's what I say to my kiddos in class) bedrest and plenty of fluids....oh try not to do too much school work either. Get better soon
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

    1. 3 MONTHS!! And I'm complaining about a week! Hehe, I say the same thing to my class!

  6. Thanks for commenting ladies. I've emailed the pack to all of you except Robyn - can you please leave me your email address and I'll get it straight to you.

  7. I have totally done the same thing! One year I had not been sick at all and was wishing for a sick day. Then boom, I got sick and regretted it. It's like your body knows and will do what you ask. I've been careful not to say that now. But I have noticed when I'm sick, it's because I've been doing too much and my body is trying to tell me to rest.
    Hope you are better soon.


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