Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Play-Doh storage for Word Work

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Last week one of my teacher aides commented on the way I stored my play-doh for Word Work and thought it would be useful for the prep/kindergarten teachers so I thought I'd share it here too (wow, what a long sentence....). 

Basically, I just separate the homemade play-doh into individual sized portions and plop them in a paint palette. Simple. Stops arguments over who has the most play-doh and if you only put out the one color, it stops that argument too. I've found this a good alternative to the store bought play-doh containers, as my kids never put the lids on properly and the play-doh ended up drying out. 

To store, the kids just put it back in the Ziploc bag, seal it and put it back in the drawer with the play-doh mats (blank sheets of paper that were laminated for a window display last year!).