Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Freebie: Start of School and Behaviour Diamond

Sorry I have been MIA recently. I have been SUPER busy with school (counting down to the end of term - YAY! I need a break and I am so over assessment and marking!) and organising a bridal shower for my friend for this weekend. WOW, I never thought it would be such a HUGE job! There's also been wedding rehearsals, shoe shopping and my son came home so sick after a week at school camp so I've been nursing him back to health!

So, I'll still be not posting very often until at least this weekend. Once the bridal shower is over I'll have a little more free time to devote to blogging.
I was ever so shocked to see that I had been listed as a Top 10 blog by Mechele over Barrow's Hodgepodge - heart - you should definately check out her blog if you haven't already. Thank you so much!

And I've been meaning to post this for those of you starting new year. I got my kiddos to do it earlier this year. In the plain box, they glue in a photo I take on the first day. It gives me an indication of how well they can read, spell, listen to and follow instructions etc. They color in the whole page and they end up looking very cute. I put them up on the inside of or door so they can be seen when the door is open. The font I used is our handwriting font, so it probably won't come up for your properly - just change it to whatever font you want (it's a word document). Get it by clicking on the photo.
Another idea I used when I taught Grade 6 is for students to create a wordle about themselves - words to describe themselves and their interests. I took a screen print of the wordle, pasted it in Word and then inserted a text box. I added a photo of each student in the text book before printing. I added a sign (Meet 6D) and pegged them to a clothes line I had running across the room. They looked much better than what it does here in the pic which was the best one I could find.
We were learning about sustainable house design that term, so you can see heaps of materials hanging on the wall on one side and our Behaviour Diamond on the other. Students moved up or down the diamond and collected or lost class cash along the way (e.g. move up once, get $5, up twice $10 + the $5 already earned etc. Same on the way down the chart). We kept a spreadsheet to keep track of money earned, lost and spent in the class store. I also had it so that once they went down the diamond, they couldn't go back up that day, only control their behaviour and not go further down. It taught them to monitor their behaviour and that not all misbehaviours can be made up by deciding to be 'good' later - there were consequences for their choices. The next day, they started in the middle again with a fresh start. It worked really well for this bunch of kids. You can see that about 5 kids went down this day! That was probably the most that ever went down. Most days I didn't have any but if they were late to come back from lunch they went straight down! If you want to know more let me know!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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