Monday, July 02, 2012

Word Sorting schedule bulletin board

A little while ago, I shared a word sorting schedule that I made earlier this year so that each group could see what activity they were doing on any given day. I have to admit, I didn't like it. And not just because it wasn't cutesy. As I wrote in that post, I am REALLY bad with doing our words sorts consistently-particularly when we have public holidays, excursions, assessments, special assemblies etc. I always forgot what 'day' we were on (I see one group each day, and that is their Day 1 or first activity. The following day I see another group, and that is their Day 1, but the group I had yesterday will be on their second day).  It got a little confusing.

So this is what I'm using now and I LOVE it! The activities are typed on the flower pots with a short explanation of what the kids do. I've typed up each kiddos name in their 'flower' group underneath the flower pots. They don't even actually have names, to let the kids know what activity they are doing I just hold up the flower and tell them their activity as I move their flower down the pots.
You can see above that I have 3 days when I'm not meeting with a group to introduce their word sort (I have 5 groups, but 8 activities). I meet with strugglers on these days or get in some quick reading conferences!

This board has really been a lifesaver. I've added it to TpT in case you want it. As always, it's 20% off for the first few days.

Personally, I love the flowers and the polka dot headings because the whole board is nice and bright. But I know it wouldn't fit well with everyone who has a different classroom theme, so I've made up a couple of other versions as well. I don't usually do that because I only ever post things that I'm already using in my class, but really, this board has helped me so much and it's just so EASY I thought I'd make it accessible for more people.
This is the pirate theme. Of course, I haven't printed these off, but this is what the board should look like. For this one, you move the pirate pictures (hat, map, parrot, chest, coins) down the pirate ships. The word sorting activity is written on the pirate ship.
I'm liking the look of the Hollywood theme. Wouldn't the board look really cute with a spotlight in the top right-hand corner? For this one, student names are written on the popcorn pieces and you just move the pieces down the boxes. The boxes outline the activity they are doing. 

You can check them our here: Flowers/Spring, Pirates, Hollywood/Movies at TpT. I haven't gotten them listed at TN yet, but I'll get there. I'm looking at making a jungle/money theme and perhaps an ocean/beach theme as well. If you want a specific theme made up, just let me know.

I've got to go and get ready to head into school - I'm expecting the delivery of all my new things! Yeah!

Also, on my previous post, I'm just about to add some new bloggers that you might want to check out!