Thursday, July 03, 2014

Winter Crafts

What I would do to jump in a plane and fly off to somewhere nice and warm! Maybe to the amazing oceans and Mayan ruins of Belize, or perhaps to see the beautiful art and countryside of Tuscany.... well a girl can dream, right?! Instead I am suffering through our Winter where my entire wardrobe consists of flannel pj's, woolly socks, ugg boots and a very warm and comfy dressing gown!

Not that I'm comfy at the moment - I am SORE! I have reluctantly pulled myself away from Game of Thrones season 2 (yes, I've only just started watching the series!) to head out for 6km bush walks the past few days. Ouch, if I'd known that half the walk was uphill I probably would have reconsidered! I even did a bit of jogging so I can up my fitness and attempt to keep up with Liz and her hubby when we do The Stampede in a few weeks. I really don't know what I've gotten myself into!

Besides the cold, I have been enjoying the Winter holidays! It always feels good to go into the holidays with assessment completed and reports done. Before we left, we completed a few Winter themed crafts I thought I'd share. 

The first was done by my student teacher on her last day - thanks Katherine!

During the last week of term, I went with some simpler crafts that the kids could do independently while I worked with some kids to finish off other work. Did I mention that we also had our Grade 4-12 sports carnival going over 3 days during the last week and the oval (where about 1500 kids were running around) is just metres from our room?! Luckily, instead of getting all riled up with music playing all day, my kids worked quietly so they could hear it! Happy teacher :)

We started with a torn paper penguin after we read The Emperor's Egg. Boy, did they LOVE this book! 
I found this craft here - I copied the steps onto a powerpoint and displayed it so the kids could work independently. 

We also did a snowman in a snow globe for no other reason than it was short and easy. The day before, we did a marble painting for the background and the next they just had to assemble their snowman. Many of the kids tried to show movement - like the wind knocking their snowman over, instead of just having a standing snowman.

Hopefully I'll be back with another post before another couple of months pass!


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