Thursday, July 07, 2011

Love your fonts? This is for you!

We all have our favourite fonts as can be seen from the huge response to the recent linky party over at Finally in First. The only problem is, I've recently downloaded some great fonts from Kevin and Amanda and Sugar Frog but HATE scrolling through trying to find a font that I like - so I tend to use the same ones.

Last night I was looking at the recent posts on TpT to see what new things I can buy and download when I happened across the first item from a new TpT contributor  (The Apple Basket Teacher) called Kevin and Amanda Free Scrapbook Font examples.

This is what you get
10 pages of all of the fonts - their name and an example sentence in size 16. I just thought WOW! I now know what all the fonts look like!!

Even better, she has done the same thing for Keven and Amandas Fonts for Peas fonts and Sugar Frog Fonts!! Yippee! Get them at her store - The Apple Basket Teacher -  for FREE here!

You can also check out her blog here. 


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