Saturday, July 30, 2011

Arrgh Pirate Ordinal Number Bingo

I don't know what has gotten into me lately, but I'm sooo into pirates! I don't have a pirate theme in my class (in fact, I don't have a theme) but I'm starting to make lots of pirate themed games. 

Here is one I just finished for students to consoldiate understandings of ordinal numbers to tenth. 
 Arrgh Bingo
This game comes with 6 board games (for up to 6 players) so is perfect for math stations, centers or rotations while you meet with other groups.
How to Play: Students take turns turning over a card. Students read the instructions (e.g. Find the fourth letter in 'anchor' or Find the 10th letter in 'Shiver me timbers'). If the letter is on their gameboard, they cover it with a counter/unifix cube. Either first to spell a word on their board or first to cover the board (depends on how long you have) wins.

There are two types of calling cards - Set 1 with word ordinals (e.g. fourth
and number ordinals (e.g. 4th) to differentiate. 
The same instructions are on each set of cards - just the ordinal (word or number) is different.

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