Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Fry's Sight Words games

I've finished uploading the second and third game in my Christmas themed Fry's sight word phrases board games! They use Fry's sight word phrases Level 1, 2 and 3 (the first 300).

Each game has 4 sets of cards, with 25 cards in each set (100 cards, using 100 sight word phrases). You only need one set per game, so just swap over the cards and you have a new game or print out a game board and a different set of cards for different groups of kids! You can use the cards in their sets or mix and match according to the needs of your students. Easy to differentiate! I like keeping the same board, and just change the cards, so that it looks like everyone is playing the same game, even if they are at a different level. 
The first game, Pack the Sleigh, I've already written about here. In this game, students are trying to be the first player to get from Santa's Workshop to the Sleigh - the first to get there (pack the sleigh) wins! This game uses Fry's 1s 100 sight word phrases.
For the second game, Here Comes Santa, Santa is trying to find his way to the home, filling stockings along the way! This game uses the 2nd 100 phrases.
The third game, Night Before Christmas, has Santa making his way from the chimney to the Christmas tree. It uses the 3rd 100 sight word phrases.
With the 3 games, there are 12 sets of 25 sight word phrases for your kiddos to practise!

BONUS: Each game also comes with cards to use for BANG! type games.

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The games use the awesome graphics from Scrappin Doodles