Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sight Word Phrases - Christmas Theme

I've just uploaded a new item to TpT and Teachers Notebook. It's called Pack the Sleigh. It is a game for students to practice and consolidate sight words using Fry's sight word phrases level 1, groups 1-4. 

There are 4 sets of cards, with 25 cards in each set. You only need one set per game, so just swap over the cards and you have a new game or print out a game board and a different set of cards for different groups of kids! You can use the cards in their sets or mix and match according to the needs of your students. Easy to differentiate! I like keeping the same board, and just change the cards, so that it looks like everyone is playing the same game, even if they are at a different level.

This game is played the same way as my Crow Crisis game for r-controlled vowels and my FREE Planet Hop board game for the oi/oy sound. I like using the same format so I'm not wasting time teaching my kiddos how to play new games all the time. I can also use the same board, and just swap the cards out, to play games for other concepts in math, for example.
In this game, students are trying to be the first player to get from Santa's Workshop to the Sleigh - the first to get there (pack the sleigh) wins! But don't stop to pat the reindeer, or you'll have to go back! Land on the 'Carried extra gifts' space and you get to move ahead!
I've also included 'Lost a gift! Return your cards to the pile' cards so you can play BANG! with the phrase cards!

Later this week, I'll also have games for Level 2 and Level 3 sight word phrases. If your interested, you can grab it from TpT or Teachers Notebook.


  1. I just gave you the Sunshine Award :)

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  2. Hi Kylie
    I just found you blog through a link on Jennifers! It is nice to see another blog from Down Under! I don't know of too many Australian teachers that blog - do you? We need to get them started! Good luck with your reports....mine almost finished tonight I hope!
    - Melanie

  3. Thanks Jennifer for the award! I'm honoured!

    Hi Melanie, I agree, we need more Aussies on here! I'm still going with my reports, we have until Friday so I probably won't get them done until Thursday! Typical me, leaving it until the minute!


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