Thursday, March 15, 2012

Freebie US Money Snakes and Ladders games

Last year, I posted about my snakes and ladders board games. I actually made these while I was still a student teacher and didn't know that I could buy (or afford!) pretty graphics. Please don't be harsh!! I know it's not my best work but maybe someone can use it!

I have now updated them to have US money (thanks Sherry!). Click on each image to download them for free at TpT (since I don't know if I can put a zip file in google docs....). 

The first just has coins: 
 The second has note and coins: 
In other news, I'm not doing much :( I have finished report cards (yay!) and we are working towards our assessment for the end of our 5 week biography unit. Anyone else finding that these Australian curriculum units are just too hard for this time of year?? I'm getting used to working within the confines of the strict min-by-min schedule I've been given by our admin. I prefer the way I used to structure my day, but we gotta do what we gotta do. 


  1. Strict confines???? You mean the exact 20 minutes allocated for spelling, no more, no less, no questions asked????
    Just about to start our assessment next week for English (oral book interview), and Science. Maths was an easy one, luckily enough. And no report cards for us at the end of term one - what a bonus!!!!! Hang in there, Units 3 and 4 must be easier.....

  2. Hi Doobee, that is exactly what I mean! We are a P-12 school and the primary teachers are given a timetable similar to what high school students get saying what subject we are to teach during what times! Admin have said they expect to be able to walk in and check that we are following the timetable (and we've been having a lot of drop-ins!). Funny, they didn't allocate any time for homework to be set/checked so I've had to do that during English time..., but not Literacy time... that's got other things we have to do. So I've had to condense English down to fit homework in! shhhh (don't tell anyone!). They have also made us do reports on English, Math, Science and behaviour for term 1 (in addition to Terms 2 and 4) and we of course still have to do PT interviews. Hopefully next term will be easier.

  3. Well I have canned lots of it. I am doing persuasion as they say but not THEIR way. Have just finished first unit english evaluation though. Maths also canned. We have NAPLAN and have not covered any of the relevant concepts. Our school does number, measurement and space tests every term and my yr 6s failed them all. We hadn't taught anything in them. Science is done and next terms' science planned. Trying to get through a history unit now!

    Add the tantrums, suspensions and dramas of everyday and we are all OVER IT but no one has time to take a day off!

  4. I think just about every teacher can relate in some way to the confines of a strict schedule! It stinks too!! I LOVE the money snake and ladders game by the way, it's going to be a great hit. I have to get colored ink before I can print it, but it's going to be so much fun!!

  5. Reading all this, I'm even more glad I teach in a Catholic school! I was a bit cheesed that the state school teachers were given all their planning to them and we have to wade through the curriculum documents ourselves, but it turns out I'm really enjoying the challenge and I am having a great time working through it with my students.
    We haven't done any narrative writing this term so that might prove more challenging, and I have been holding off on the trickier maths concepts while we have been reviewing number and addition concepts. It may be harder work next term, but I think my students will rise to the challenge - or at least give it their best shot.

  6. Thank you all for commenting.

    Kathy, I am starting to do a lot of it my way, as there is a lot of wishy-washy stuff.

    Jane, I think you are lucky not to have access to all the lessons and materials. When you end up throwing so much of it out and planning your way anyway, it's just a waste of time.

  7. My lovely HOC, fellow grade 2 teachers and I rewrote the English Unit 3 on sterotypes. Now it seems much more achievable. Good luck with Term 2! I can't believe the holidays are nearly halfway through!

    1. Wow, you're so lucky - anything would have to be better than some of the stuff they give us! We are implementing it as is, but we don't have to follow actual lesson plans.


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