Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pirate Treasure 10 More and 10 Less Board Game

WOW, I really am on a roll today because I've got another item to add. It's a game to consolidate understandings of 10 more and 10 less with 2 digit numbers.

Here's what the board looks like:

It also comes with Student Instructions and a page with 2 spinners - one to say how many spaces to move, the other to spin to find out what you need to say 10 more or 10 less than the number you land on.
All you need is 2 plastic or metal spinners to add to the page above (or use a pencil and paper clip) and about 20-30 pices of eight (I use yellow counters!).

Hope you enjoy it!

My weekend is over and I'm back to school tomorrow :) So probably no more updates for a day or two :( It's too bad, I'm really enjoying this blogging thing! And I love polishing up my resources to share with you. Still can't believe I've only just discovered the teachers blogging world and TpT!

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  1. Hi there, is this still available as I can't find it anywhere?


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