Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quartering the Story

Today was the second last day of school before we go on our mid-year Winter break and things are easing off a bit after getting our reports done and handed out this week and parent/teacher interviews last night.

For reading today (because I didn't really do much planning when I got home freezing cold last night), I quickly did up this book report called Quartering the Story. Basically, there are 4 boxes on a page (over 2 pages for more advanced readers and writers who respond in more depth) that ask students to:
  1. draw their favourite scene from the story and label it.
  2. write any new words from the book and use context or a dictionary to write the meaning OR write words from the story and write an antonym and synonym for each.
  3. do a character sketch and label with adjectives. 
  4. summarise the story in a few sentences. 
The kids did really well and even my lower readers were able to complete the activity with buddy support on recent real-aloud books. 

Get it on my TpT site, since I still can't work out how to put word documents here... To save printing, you could just get the kids to fold a page in quarters!


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