Saturday, June 18, 2011

Welcome to Down Under Teacher!

I have only recently discovered teaching blogs - I know, I know, I don't know how I've lived without them either! I've always searched the net for wonderful teaching resources and I ending up coming across a whole heap of wonderful blogs! I'm talking about Sunny Days in Second Grade, The Schroeder Page, First Grade Fanatics, Mrs Jump's Class, First Grade Parade and a whole HEAP of others! Surely I've been living under a rock to miss such fantastic and inspiring teachers sharing what they do best!

So..... they have inspired me to do the same! I've started teaching Grade 2 this year after teaching Grade 6. I was GOBSMACKED after my first day! I was absolutely exhaused. I never realised just how tiring teaching could be until I met the eager faces of my 6 year olds! I literally had to drag myself to the car in the afternoon - and that has continued this first semester. We here in Australia are nearing the half way mark of the school year which usually starts in early February and goes through to December. We had an exhausting 12 week term and are now 1 week away from finishing term 2 - I'm desperately looking forward to a good 2 week break before heading back for Term 3.

So I hope you join me on my learning journey through the first year of Grade 2!