Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Theme Labels for Folders and Boxes Weather/Seasons

Well let me tell you what a day I've had! One, I couldn't get my Monster Rounding game to load onto TpT.

Two, once I gave up on that, I spent the WHOLE day doing last years tax ! I got a bit behind and suddenly realised that the 10/11 financial year is just about over and I still haven't done last year's tax! I wish I hadn't done it though because the amount of money I've spent on teaching materials is scary! But it's at the tax agent now and hopefully I'll get a good refund!

Three, my ex still hasn't been over to put up my new shelves since he worked all weekend, but I felt like doing something to get my stuff organised. So... now that I have this need to label everything with all the wonderful labels that have been coming out, I decided to start making some for my theme boxes. Next term it's Weather and the Seasons so that's what I've got for you tonight.
This is a small (half page) label to stick onto my Weather and the Seasons theme box. There is also a whole page version to go in the front of a folder that has activities and lesson plans for the unit inside.
This is the label for the folder (slips down the side of those ones that have the clear plastic to insert labels). Get them here.