Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FREEBIE! Mid Year Learning and Behaviour Reflection and Goal Setting

Tomorrow our school is having our mid-year parent teacher interviews. They run from 3pm (we finish at 2:45pm) and go until 7:00pm. Parents have booked in for their 10 minute time slot (I know, not much time!). Being in Year 2, almost every parent has booked in so I've only got a couple of 10 minute breaks sprinkled throughout the 4 hours.  When I taught year 6, I was lucky to have a quarter of the parents book in. I'm going to be utterly exhaused come 7pm, but it's still good to be able to catch up with those parents who can't make it before or after school.

In preparation, I had my students fill in this reflection sheet today. It asks them to identify what they have worked hard on this semester and what they think they need to work on next semester. Additionally, they identify their number 1 learning and behaviour goal. There are boxes for pictures as well.

It's in word so you can modify as you like.

I haven't yet worked out how to attach a document to the link (or if I even can) so you'll have to download it by visiting my TpT site.

Wish me luck for tomorrow! Can't wait for Friday - 2 weeks break! Yeah!! :) Too bad it's Winter here - I can't stand the cold! I walked into my demountable this morning and it was 8 degrees celcius! Brrrr!  Luckily it warms up quite well most days.