Sunday, June 26, 2011

Place Value: Number Invaders Board Game

My newest item on TpT.
Number Invaders is a game for 2 players or 2 teams of pairs.

Players spin both spinners (I use the plastic ones but you can also use a pencil and paper clip) on the board and say the number spun e.g. a 4 on the tens spinner and 3 on the wins would be "4 tens and 3 ones is 43). Players add a counter to the board if there is a space with that number.


1. Player with 3 in a row on either color planet wins
2. Play until all planets are covered. The player with the most counters on each planet wins that planet (potential for both players to win).
3. Players also say the number 1 more/1 less (or 10 more/10 less) than the number spun and have the option of putting down a counter on either or all of the 3 numbers.

It is tabloid size so you can print to that size or print on 2 letter size pages and make a file folder game or laminate them together to make the larger size board.

You can get it here.