Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getting Organsied

Well, I've started shopping for new things to make my classroom more colorful, cheerful and organised.

Here are some of my purchases over the past couple of days:
Boxes, Boxes, Boxes! These are smaller ones that I am using to hold my Grade 6 books and resources (the bigger boxes end up being way to heavy). Smaller food containers that I keep small games, dice, spinners etc in. All the books are from a clearance box at Target. I LOVE the poetry books. I've already got the older versions which had BW pictures throughout - these ones are in colour. They have cool names too:
  • Unreal, Banana Peel
  • Real Keen, Baked Bean
  • Far Out, Brussel Sprout
  • All Right, Vegemite
  • Roll Over, Pavlova
Didn't really want to pay $5 for each, but I just had to have them! I love using poetry for teaching blends, digraphs and word families, rhyming words etc etc so these will definitely come in handy.
 I got these at the local $2 shop (we don't have 'dollar stores' here!). The most expensive item I saw in this shop was $750!! Not so cheap! I've got some pencil holders, little trays to hold things and these stands that I thought would help give me some more room by being able to put stuff underneath.
I also bought a couple of bigger boxes to add the resources from my theme units.

Gotta go! There's more shopping to be had!