Saturday, June 25, 2011

Daily 5 - Read to Someone

13/07/12 - I've now changed this pack to be called Buddy Reading so that it is not specific to the Daily 5 program. 

I'm very excited because I've just added a new item to TpT . I've collated all my Buddy Reading/Read to Someone (part of The Daily 5) files which I've made over this year. All of this is included: 

It has 3 prompt cards or bookmarks for partners while doing Buddy Reading: 
1. Coaching bookmark for when a partner is stuck on a word

2. Check mark (double-sided) in color and black and white with a check on one side and prompts on the other to Check for Understanding

3. Two types of fluency checkers when readers reread passages and their partner rates them with smilely faces as to how they have improved (it can also be used for self-assessment)

The pack also has:
  • 32 Discussion Prompt task cards + 4 blank ones to make your own (or just email me and I'll add them).
  • Buddy Reading Discussion Starters
  • Buddy Reading Discussion Prompts to help readers give more information (as a poster and 2 to-a-page.
  • Buddy Reading Poster
  • Buddy Reading E.E.K.K. poster
  • How to Buddy Read poster
  • Buddy Reading Stamina Graph

 You can check it out here.