Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tens and Ones Place Value Bingo Game

Who doesn't love bingo? If you're looking for a quick and easy game to play with small groups in math, for a review game for the whole class... or even to leave for a sub!.... than this game is for you!

Tens and Ones Bingo Place Value Game

The game comes with four sets of calling cards so you can choose which set is best for your group of kids:
Set 1: numerals (46)
Set 2: words (forty-six)
Set 3: place value (4 tens 6 ones)
Set 4: expanded form (40 + 6)

I print each set of cards on different colored paper and laminate to reuse again and again.
Tens and Ones place value bingo

Even though this game focuses on 2-digit numbers, some one digit numbers are included to check for understanding of the difference between 60 and 6 for example. There are also numbers like 12 and 21 to check whether students reverse their numbers.
Tens and Ones place value bingo

With 26 boards, there's enough for the whole class! You can find the game in my TpT Store. To differentiate, I also have a Hundreds, Tens and Ones game available. 
Tens and Ones place value bingo

Have fun playing with place value!