Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Daily 5 Set Up

I love the Daily 5 and I love CAFE even more. I have struggled though, to keep the resources organised. When I rearranged my room over the holidays, implementing an organisational system for the D5 was a must. 

I made these charts earlier in the year as I introduced each Daily. It reminds students what they can do during each. I've since added a pic up the top in the middle - I hated that empty space! I wish I had room for these on the wall or a board, but I don't, so they are on the window.
I picked up some cute pink, blue and green tubs at a cheapie store, reduced the posters above, and attached them to the side. They hold the materials students need for each Daily. 
I keep these along the top of a bookshelf (not on top of each other. I just did that to fit them all in one photo). I'll do a separate post on what I keep in each tub over next week or so. 

I have also given my listening post area a little make over. The headphones go on the little shelf under the table. I've put my rocking chair there and a new little rug. The little table used to be grey, but my ex came to school with me and painted the two that I have blue, and some little shelves I have green. Much nicer than the grey! I keep a book on the stand that I am going to read that day. They love to come in and see what book I've put out.
The other little table is in our small group teaching area.
All of the essentials - pens, stapler, post-its, sticky tape, calculator. Ignore my pile of keys - that lanyard gets heavy I tell you! I use the pink trays for my daily materials. I now move the pink box in front of the frame and keep my planner there instead so I can always see what I'm doing. That comes in handy because I'm always writing myself little notes or wording for charts that I stick in it.
I also bought two little bookshelves. I keep my Missing Parts Tub on here (the blue one on the first shelf). The picture in the frame a mum made for me a couple of years ago. It has lots of inspirational words in the trees and a lovely message on the back. These shelve are kept at the front of the room near the IWB so I can always have things handy. Drawers that I keep coloured paper in are also there.

I'll be back soon with what I keep in each Daily 5 tub. How do you store your materials?


  1. I LOVE seeing your classroom, Kylie! I love your D5 posters. We have implemented a new literacy program this year as part of a pilot study (I am really struggling with the whole concept and philosophy of it, but that is a whole other conversation)! I am doing a D4 (minus read to a friend) as my little people have shown that they just can't handle it yet...! I love how you display your book for your kiddies to see before you read it!! I store my D5 stuff in EXACTLY the same baskets :D Love them!! Can't wait to see what you store in there! Happy rest of the week to you!
    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

    1. Hi Tina, aren't the baskets great! Love the colours! Read to Someone is a fav in my class every year. I love to eavesdrop as I'm doing conferences and some of the best talking and engagement with books happens during this time. I almost gave up this year with it, but they are really good at it now!

  2. Your D5 organization is great!!! Love your posters!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen from...
    A Teacher's Treasure
    Teaching Treasures Shop

  3. When I taught kinder I never had to officially implement D5, but I did so naturally. I used buckets for my kiddos as well; however, they were more center directed...I miss the classroom!! I love how organized you are.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    The 3AM Teacher
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    1. I agree Michelle, it does just come naturally but it's so good to have a framework to build literacy time around. I don't know how you did it with kinders though... the thought of teaching such little people is terrifying!


  4. Thank you for sharing. I'm currently reading the daily five book and getting ready to start term 2.

  5. I love your Daily 5 posters. My teaching partners & I currently use your CAFE strategy cards. Is there any way to get your Daily 5 set on tpt too? And if it's not too much trouble, could you make the posters with rules editable so we can create them with our students? Thank you for bringing us such wonderful items!

    1. I'm glad you and your teaching partners like the CAFE Cards. I do have a pack available in my TpT store that you can use to make the Daily 5 posters and I-Can Charts - and they are editable. You can check them out here Like you, I like to create the rules with my class so they feel accountable and involved!

    2. I just bought your editable version Kylie, and am really looking forward to setting up my Literacy Session in a more organised manner. I've been a bit "brain dead" lately and was hoping to pinch your ideas on what the chn can do in each area too - but they were not in the pack. :( Do you have them out here somewhere? And if so can you tell me where I can find them? I need a kick start as I've come back to infants from senior primary too - and back full time on class after 8 years sharing or doing Release from Face to Face!
      Thanks for being so generous with your wonderful resources.


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