Monday, April 09, 2012

Story Elements Kite Freebie

I found these cute little ladybugs on Pinterst: 
 Click the pic to visit the site.

I wanted to use the idea when I get back to school but had to come up with an educational reason! We've been learning about story elements so I thought we could make a Story Elements Kite!

They are pretty simple to make. Just cut out the diamonds, each kite needs 2. Cut a slit along the dotted the line. Take the 2 diamonds and line up the slits and insert them into each other. Lay it flat and glue "Characters" onto the side. Open, 'turn' the 'page' of the kite, lay flat and glue down 'Setting'. Continue for Problem and Solution. 
This is the kite laid flat. 'Setting' label glued to the side. 
(How do you like my drawing skills!? Ha! Can you guess the story?)

Run a thin line of hot glue where the slits intersect to connect them together. Cut a piece of string and glue it in with the slits.

Cut a long strip of paper and glue to the bottom of the kite to be the streamer. Record the Title, Author and Illustrator of the story on the bows. Glue the bows on the streamer. 
I didn't have the glue or string at home, so here's my son holding the very quickly completed story elements kite! I figured I better do up something quickly, otherwise I'll forget about it by the time I head back to school.  I think they'd look heaps better with lots of colour and hanging from the roof. 

Grab the templates here in google docs. 

Also, I've recently added these products to TpT and TN and even better, everything is $2 or under!

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We are now a week into our 2nd week off :( Goes too fast....Back to school on Monday.