Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We have just started our next 5-week unit on Stereotypes. I think it's going to be great! Here is a poster I made for our focus board. Click on it to grab it from Google Docs. 

We've done a picture sort, a Hot Potato activity with tree maps and we've read books to identify stereotypical and non-stereotypical characteristics in the images and actions of characters. A favourite activity today was when students had to draw and write about what they 'see' and 'think' when they hear a word like 'princess', 'witch', 'Queen', 'Prince' etc.

After a recommendation via email from a reader after my post on behaviour, I've looked into some of the Whole Brain Teaching strategies. I've started to implement Class/Yes. I felt a little uncomfortable doing it at first because it's not really my style. We'll see how it goes.

Over the holidays I went completely mad and rearranged my entire room! I changed where my VOICES and CAFE boards are, my desk, my small group area etc. I'll have pics soon. I'm totally in love with polka dots so they feature dominantly!

That's all for tonight. Toodles!


  1. Hi Kylie
    The stereotypes unit sounds interesting. I'm wondeing how I can build some of those ideas into my unit on Charlotte's Web.
    Is this unit part of the C2C?
    I have also tried some of the WBT stuff. I use their class rules and go through these with the actions each morning. I like that I can use a hand signal to remind a student who is calling out or speaking over another student that they need to put their hand up to speak.
    I started using Class-yes but I keep forgetting and use others as well. I agree with you that some of it doesn't quite suit my style. In the end we have to find something with which we are comfortable or it won't work for us, even if others find it successful.
    Let me know how you go with it after a few weeks. I might try again too.

  2. Hi Jane, yes, this unit is part of C2C. We are doing stereotypes for the next five weeks. I am actually loving Class/Yes more and more! We are also chanting our rules each day and after breaks which is working out great as well. I'll do a post about that on the weekend.



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