Thursday, January 14, 2016

Spelling Drawers

This post has been two years in the making! I started writing it back when I taught Grade 1 two years ago.... but it is finally done :) I was asked about my spelling drawers when I shared the photo below of the rainbow cart. When I taught Grade 1 it housed my spelling and HFW activities for Word Work. 

I LOVED Word Work because it was an already prepared, don't have to think about it lesson. I only switched out the activities each term. Even though the kids did Word Work at least twice a week, they didn't seem to get bored with the choices having them out for that amount of time. I'm guessing because even over the term, they'd only do each activity 2 or 3 times if they chose different ones. 

I allowed my students to choose whatever activity they liked and take it to a seat. Two students could work on the same activity at a time.

I did have other activities like sandpaper words, scrabble tiles, wikki sticks etc but this is what I had in the drawers the term I took the photos:
Spelling Rainbow Cart Drawers

You can grab the Roll and Write Graph and Make/Say/Check/Mix/Write sheets in Google Drive. These files have standard fonts and no graphics so that I could leave them editable for you to make any changes you want.

What's your favourite activity for spelling? I'd love some new ideas, particularly for Grade 4!