Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Weathering and Erosion Books and Freebie

My Grade 4s are now half-way through our Weathering and Erosion Science Unit and we are digging into many non-fiction books to help us learn the knowledge we'll need to apply to different scenarios in our assessment. 

Here are some of the books we have been loving, both for teaching (short snippets) and own choice reading. 

Books for Science Unit on Rocks, Weathering and Erosion
Books for Science Unit on Weathering and Erosion

When choosing books, I always try to make sure that there are books for all students in my class: 

  • reading level below, at and above the typical reading age for my class. 
  • text size - some with a larger type and less words on each page 
  • narrative stories that hide lots of real facts in the story 
  • books that cover a range of topics under our overall theme 
I always cover my books with clear contact and label them so that they can always be put back in the right book tub. 

If you are wanting to set up a Rock Observation Station to accompany your books check out my What Type of Rock Is It freebie here. You can also read my 9 Fun Ways to Teach Weathering and Erosion at this blog post. 

Photo of Rock Observation Station for Weathering and Erosion Science Unit

Rock Observation Station Freebie