Thursday, February 09, 2012

Oh, the places we'll go... Term Goals

We have finally finished our term goals (I know it's week 3 but our new curriculum has been keeping us overly busy!). This was quite rushed as we had to fit it in between what we are supposed to be doing. Setting goals is usually something I like to do at the beginning of each term and we reflect on how we went at the end. 

To go off topic for a sec, I made up these and got them printed at Vista Print. 
I made these 3 posters up and got them printed as one banner. I just cut out each one when it arrived. The first one I've placed with my classroom library, the second one where my genre board will be and the last one near the group table.
This bulletin board was doing the rounds when the northern hemisphere returned to school last year. I don't have a big bulletin board outside my room, so I just got it made as a sign and have it sticking out my window so everyone who walks by can read it.

 This one I found online. I got it made as a car door magnet and have it sticking on the whiteboard.

This one is the one that inspired us to become little Cats in Hats. We discussed goals and how setting them doesn't mean we will achieve them. To be successful we have to make the choice to work hard, persevere and seek help or to give up and not have a go. 

I copied the hat for the kids, but they did everything else themselves. They had to draw their face, they chose how to make their hair (some used paper, cotton balls and wool for example), what colour paper and hat they wanted. I didn't restrict them to red and white.
 I know it's not the prettiest board but it's only going to be up for a week or two and then it's coming down to go in their assessment folder (ready for parent teacher interviews at the end of term with their term reflection) and to make way for new things.
 This boy decided to use paper to make his hair (and to write his name on his hat...).
 I like how this girl made the top of her hair all squiggly.
 Love the beard on this boy!
Here is one finished. Most of the girls came up with the idea of sticking the hair down under the hat by themselves.
I would like to make new friends. Pay attention in class. I want to do good in SOSE.

You can grab the hat template, goal speech bubble, sign words and coloured pic of the Cat in the Hat here via Google Docs.

Images by Scrappin Doodles and KDM Doodles. 


  1. Hello fellow Queenslander :)
    I'm a new follower and I have got to say that I love these term goals. Dr Seuss AND cute board is an absolute win in my eyes.
    I cannot wait to read more of your fabulous ideas xx

    Daydreams of a Student Teacher

  2. Hi Emmy! Thanks for stopping by - I look forward to checking out your blog!



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