Monday, March 26, 2012

Writing chart and activity

For the last few weeks, my kiddos have been working hard to produce long, juicy sentences with lots of details and adjectives. This is a chart that we made to summarise some of what we have been doing. 
My kids really enjoyed how I modelled how to write those two sentences and were eager to get in and try it for themselves. They sure are a sucker for colour ink and laminate because when I brought out these babies
they were literally bouncing up and down, ready to get started! All I did was print out some clip art images and laminate them. It's the simple things, right!!??

We talked about focusing on a moment and adding details instead of writing 'dawn to dusk' stories that were, in my students' voices  "BORING!!" (with thumbs down and a sad face!). We orally told some stories too, before I sent them back to give it a go. WOW, most turned out really good! I wish I took some photos!

They pictures were such a hit, that I think I'll leave them out for students to use as a visual writing prompt. I'll keep adding to them as the year goes on too. If you want to images, you can grab them in google docs here or by clicking the picture above.

4 days to go! Oh and by the way, 3 MONTHS OFF FOR SUMMER! I could hardly believe it when I read a comment (thanks Jennifer!) in regards to my 'curious' question in yesterday's post! Our 6 weeks (including teacher days), seems dismal in comparison!!

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  1. 3 months!!! We sure are living on the wrong side of this planet - but I am thankful for the next 2 weeks regardless...

  2. Thanks, Kylie, for sharing your great ideas.
    We are seriously winding down for the term this week, just trying to tie up some loose ends before the Easter break, but your ideas are food for thought for next term.
    We are focussing on adjectives at the moment too.
    I borrowed an idea from another blog about using plastic eggs (from Spotlight) to encourage the students to experiement with adjectives. Very timely with Easter approaching.
    I am about to blog about it. It might be fun for your kids too if you have time before the holidays, otherwise you can put the idea aside for next year!

    Happy Easter!

    The Learning Curve

  3. Thank you, I can't wait to cut out, laminate and let each child choose a picture and tell be about the picture. Great vocabulary building.

  4. How adorable and what a great idea...I cant wait to use them with my year ones! Nice to see another down under teacher in blogland...I blog...but not about my teaching...perhaps I should start hehe! Thank you!

  5. Julz you should start a teaching blog - we need more Aussies on here!

  6. Thank you so much for the picture images; they were just what I was looking for to teach/practice using position words in math!


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