Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easter Freebies, Easter Pack, Sale and I'm curious...

I know that many of my readers in the northern hemisphere are on, have been on or soon will be on Spring Break. I just love the name. We have our 'Spring break' in September and I've only ever called it the September holidays. Doesn't have the same ring to it. I am so happy that we are just about on our Easter holidays - 2 whole weeks off - Yippee!! I just have to get through this week. Reports have been done, parent/teacher interviews completed and we are just having to finish off some assessments. Over the holidays I am hoping to get a lot of stuff organised for our Term 2 curriculum. I feel like I've been chasing my tail all this term since we started delivering our new national curriculum. Hopefully, I can get ahead so that I can post more regularly and actually have time to take and post photos of what we've been doing class to share with you!

I procrastinated all day yesterday and made up an Easter pack and some freebies.  The Easter pack comes with:
1. Easter Egg Estimating, Measuring and Graphing
2. Easter Egg Groups/Multiplication
3. Easter/April Perimeter and Area (comes with two activities and recording sheets)
4. Easter Place Value HTO Matching
5. Egg Hunt Place Value (comes with two separate activities and recording sheets)

You can grab it here - it's only $1 per activity - but only $4 as part of my 20% off sale! 

I've also listed these freebies. The first is a colour/color by number activity. Both spellings of color/colour are included.
The second is a remake of my Sprint to 100 freebie that has had over 1000 downloads. It is the same game, but with a rabbit racing theme.
Click on the images to download. 

I'm also having a sale, just because. Get 20% off for the next few days. Check out my store here

Now, I've always been curious about the northern hemisphere holidays. On TV, the Summer holidays seem like they go for aaagges! Things like 'school's out for Summer' kind of thing. Do your holidays really go for the whole/most of Summer? Our end of school holidays are over Christmas and go for about 6 weeks (but we do have to go in earlier for teacher days and room setting up). Do yours go much longer??