Friday, August 12, 2011

Freebie: Similes Poster

This week my class has been working on similes. We read the book Quick as a Cricket on YouTube - I've now ordered a book from Amazon! The kids absolutely loved it!

Here's a little poster I did up for when I introduced similes in case you could use it.
My students have had a blast writing similes about themselves to create a booklet. We've tried to add more description to our similes. For example, we thought the simile 'Busy as a bee' was quite boring and so they came up with ones like 'as busy as a hive of bees', 'as busy as a buzzing, bumblebee' (this will be a good one when we look more at alliteration and onamatopeia in the coming weeks!) and lots of others for their own and well-known similes. They are using pastels to record and illustrate their books ending with 'Put them altogether and you've got me' - just like in Quick as a Cricket.

We are then each choosing our favourite simile and illustrating it on a larger piece of paper to create a class book titled '2A are as wise as owls'. They are having heaps of fun working on these projects. I'll get some pics when they're done.

For some of my lower and special needs kids, I used this pdf from KidzClub to help them to form their similes. They really enjoyed this. I just printed, cut, laminated and cut out the pictures and labels. I have it available for all kids when they finish set tasks and it has been very popular! A few were even playing with it during Golden Time today (free time on a Friday afternoon that has been earned by the whole class). 

In our class Similes are like a cold, refreshing drink on a sweltering Summer day - we just can't get enough!

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