Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Classroom Library and Freebie Sign

When it comes to the classroom library, I have to admit that I don't have one anymore. I used to use the 3 small bookcases we get in our rooms for book baskets, but that left me with no other storage at all (I am sooo envious of all the cupboards and storage in some classrooms! I can't believe they take up a wall in some rooms!). Since those book cases are all we get, I had nowhere to put word work materials, math manipulatives, student book boxes etc. My room is small as well, so it didn't leave me many options to bring in my own things. So, my library is really all throughout the room and not in one designated spot.

This is where most of my books are. It was a bargain on ebay. This is one side, it's th same on the other. It holds hundreds of books, even it if doesn't look like it! I got the book stand for $20 on ebay too. I've used Kristen's labels  (Ladybug's Teacher Files link).
This is a little table I brought in. Some chapter books are here. There's a little rocking chair right next to the table the kids like sitting at.
Here are some of our book boxes. Kids can have 7 books in them at any one time. I just bought some cheap magazine holders for them.
I do have some themed baskets as well, just not enough to take up all my book cases! They are also placed around the room. This one is with all the math manipulatives (not sure where I got the label from).
 This one is near the couch.                        
These two in the science area.  We are learning about weather/seasons, so I've got a Fiction Book/Poetry box and a Non-Fiction box.
Student made books. 
Some more chapter books. 
 One of the two new book displays I bought recently. This one holds new books. 
This is a new box I made today to hold our big books. I just taped construction paper to a sturdy box some of my new things got delivered in!  Sorry about the pic - I took it today and it was already dark outside so the light is not the best.
Here's a sign I made to stick on the front of the box tomorrow. Download it by clicking on the image. 
Circle thing(?) by JustSo Scrappy 2.

Font: Pass the Chex by Kevinand Amanda.

If you own any of the labels I've used, please let me know so I can give you credit!


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