Saturday, August 20, 2011

My name is Kylie and I'm a shop-a-holic

I've been at it again. More shopping. My son says I have an addiction..... sometimes I have to agree!

This is some of the new bargains I've picked up recently.
I bought two of these table-top book racks. I'm going to use one to display new books and the other probably for science books.
Remember the It's Getting Dicey Linky party hosted by Little Miss Kindergarten? Well, I loved reading about all of the different dice from other bloggers and had to go and upgrade my collection. So I bought this pack of  162 dice. In all there's 50 decahedron dice, 10 dodecahedrons dice, 72 hexahedron dice, 10 isosahedron dice, 10 octahedron dice, and 10 tetrahedron dice. I also bought a pack of 72 dice in dice and the Lakeshore Sight Word Practice Centre... only because it was on clearance - it is usually $89.99 here, but I picked it up for $26. Some of my kids really need to work on their sight words and I thought I could always make up my own sight word rings and just hang them on the stand.

What I bought that I didn't get pics of? 
  • Snap It Up math game
  • a new 24 pack of student magnetic whiteboards. The ones I have already aren't good for on the carpet, they aren't very sturdy. The new ones I bought are and they are magnetic where my other ones weren't. 
  • A BIG new clock to hang on the wall that displays both analogue and digital time
Here are some recent book purchases too. I put on Bones and contacted away so they are now ready to take in to school. 
Some picture books, some readers and some chapter books - a little something for everyone. My kiddos love it when I get time to contact and bring in new books. Does anyone else contact their books before taking them to school? If not, do they hold up ok? I've got boxes of books that are sitting here because I haven't had time to contact them.... seems like a waste, but I figured they would last longer if I contact them so it's worth it in the long run... Your thoughts?? 


  1. Hi Kylie,

    First of all, LOVE your blog! I am also a second grade teacher and am very interested in finding pen pals outside of our country. If this is something that you may be interested in for your class, please let me know! Thanks so much!!!!

  2. WOW Kylie...some fabulous purchases and BARGAINS (that was a huge saving on the sight word centre!!). Your students are very lucky! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!
    Good Morning Mrs Rubie


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